Monday, September 6, 2010

Template to Reality (LED Frame)

Once we have our template cut to the correct size its time to transfer to a real frame, in my mic i used perfboard (prototype board). The proto-board used is the stuff that does not have any copper pads or traces on it as we don't need it and want to keep a minimum of metallic parts that could accidentally short out the circuit.

This stuff is cheap and strong, but its wining benefit is that protoboard can handle heat from the energy that may be dissipated from the LED circuit. The easiest way to cut this stuff with basic tools it to first have a nice flat strong service to work on, get your template and trace it over the protoboard. With a sharp blade and a lot of care run the blade along the traced lines to make an indent in the protoboard.

If you have a a small drill bit (2mm) drill out each corner of the traced frame, then take a hammer, small chisel & slowly with great care cut out the frame.

Once the frame is cut out take a flat file and file down any sharp edges and try to make all edges/corners smooth to the touch. once you finish you should end up with something similar to the picture below.


note: we take no responsibility for you damaging your microphone in any way shape for form! Mod at your own risk!

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