Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Installing the LED frame

Attaching our new frame should be relatively easy, however the check that it fits (even if the checked earlier), the mic below had to have each side (left & right) of the frame trimmed back a little to make it fit better. if you have to do this take great care as the more you take away the thinner your frames sides become and more fragile.

although you cant see it, in the frame below we used some clear five minute epoxy on the sides of the frame to give it extra strength and to insulate the exposed LED leads just in case to ensure no 'short circuits'

what you cant see in the picture below is that there are fiber washers under the frame of each of the two bottom screws to keep the frame at an even level. do not use metal washers as most balanced dynamic microphones are chassis grounded & you dont want that washer coming into contact with any other solder pads or components.

note: we take no responsibility for you damaging your microphone in any way shape for form! Mod at your own risk!


  1. Nice idea you have shared here through this blog.Thanks.

  2. This is really a helpful article. My fram has no fiber base so should I try this procedure?

  3. Led light is essential to everyone and its have less electricity consumption...

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