Monday, September 6, 2010

Inside The Shure Super 55 Mic

The Shure Super 55 Dynamic Microphone has a classic case, however, the microphone has a modern Dynamic Cartridge. Shure didnt just put any cartridge in the Super 55, they opted for the "Beta 58" Element. Its the Hod Rodded version of the industry standard SM58 microphone with an extended frequency response and a Super Cardioid pickup pattern for higher gain before feedback with a more focused sound blocking more instrument/stage bleed from the sides.

Having an updated dynamic cartridge is a bonus for us as it gives more room to find a way in mounting the LED's.

From the Picture below you can see that there really isn't much to the microphone, its a dynamic element going into a mini transformer then a small circuit board. There's actually only two connections made with XLR cables for balanced dynamic microphones, pins 2 & 3 as the ground pin is only connected the the mic chassis.


note: we take no responsibility for you damaging your microphone in any way shape for form! Mod at your own risk!

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  1. How much harder would it be with a shure sm55h? Thats the silver and black version.


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