Monday, September 6, 2010

The Dynamic Microphone (Shure Super 55)

The Special Edition Shure Super 55 Dynamic Microphone.

A classic icon that never seems to die, if you talk about microphones to the average person they're more than likely to be thinking of the Classic "Elvis" Style birdcage mic's. and if you type 'microphone' into a search engines images a Shure 55 will pop up within the first ten results.

This Blog will Teach you how to add that extra touch for a lively stage performance with your Shure 55 series microphones, add some LED's (lights) to your mic and run them from phantom power safely and securely for the ultimate impact at your next gig.

This is the Special Edition mic from Shure, the regular mic is silver with a bright blue foam wind screen, however this mic's colour scheme speaks for it's self!


note: we take no responsibility for you damaging your microphone in any way shape for form! Mod at your own risk!


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  2. Hey do u have a list of all the items needed for the mod. Its a rad mod.

    1. 2k7 1w resistors (Qty=4)
      LED 3mm Red Waterclear 1500mcd (Qty=8)
      22 AWG (12")
      Non clad perfbaord (small piece will do)

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  4. I followed this awesome blog, got the exact parts....wired it didn't work! I finally found out that the LED lights have positive and negative legs, and that one leg is longer than the other (probably the positive one). Not sure. Anyway, you NEED to connect the LED's in the right order!! or it won't work! I just thought you could use either leg of the LED. Nope! Flip the LED if you need to, and make sure they are in the correct order!!

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